For so long, it has been assumed that the South Island should take up more time on a trip down here to New Zealand. Historically, the south has dominated the coverage, due to the mountain ranges, forest and coastline all coming together in unison with very few people around. Not much has changed there – it’ll always be that way.

In a way, it used to mean that the North Island was a bit like the kid who always gets picked last for the soccer team, given minimal game time, or just had to sit on the bench. Not so anymore – deservedly, the North Island’s talents, quirks and sheer beauty are being showcased a little more and people are taking notice. Not because of any similarities to the south island, but because it’s differences are embraced.

Mt Ruapehu, Tongariro National Park, North Island

Geysers in Rotorua, North Island

Whirinaki Forest, North Island

Waiheke Island, North Island

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