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We focus on slowing down to soak in WHERE we are, and going the extra mile to make sure the journey AND the destination are laced with the things that will leave all your senses fulfilled. If you find yourself on the plane home, filled with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to face the day to day again, and seeking out the next nook and cranny of this world, then we’ve done our job.

Our mission to show off the finest New Zealand walking experience is clear. Each of our trips are subtly different – our green country is small, but incredibly varied, offering a different journey of indulgence in every region. So check out our carefully crafted trips and get in touch.

North, South, or both islands – we’ll take you on a boutique journey filled with just the right amount of walking, indulging in the finer things in life, and take in stunning scenery, all blended into a fine, relaxed trip.

Please note that our trips have now been migrated to Active Adventures' website. Click on the button below to access them.

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