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New Zealand Walking Tours is proudly presented by Active Adventures; and since we're all Kiwis here, we’re modest and proud by nature, and we know our pristine countryside better than any offshore tour operator ever could. With Active Adventures, we pioneer global adventure travel, so for over 20 years now we’ve perfected the process of hand-crafting world-class trips, and we’ve turned that process into an art form. Sure, you might see some parts of our itineraries as being a bit indulgent… but we promise that you won’t find a trip like ours anywhere else in the world.

So grab yourself a hot cuppa, kick your feet up, take a look at our trips and request your FREE brochure now. On all of our guided walking tours you’ll see we’ve identified New Zealand’s most iconic ‘bucket-list’, and ‘off-the-beaten-track’ walking destinations. Then we’ve hand-picked elegant, family owned, 4 star accommodations to stay at along the way. You’ll have to believe us when we say that you won’t be able to catch a taxi there from the airport – some of these hidden gems lie deep in our national parks, accessed only on foot, or by helicopter, or a charter boat. These are the places that created our fondest childhood family holiday memories, places we proposed to our spouses, they’re secret hideaways that we’ve always kept under our hats – until now.

Thousands of happy customers

New Zealand Walking Tours is proudly presented by Active Adventures. With years of experience and learning, we’ve perfected the art of relaxed adventure, sending people home with memories to last a lifetime.

The trip thoroughly exceeded my expectations. Clara and Amanda were simply awesome guides. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience.

Elegant South - Amazing!

David Schmitt (Illinois, United States), Elegant South trip, November 2017

I can't say enough about our two guides Amanda and Clara - what gems! It was exciting to be on the very first Elegant South trip and they sure pulled out all the stops. I've never eaten so well, day after day. Yummy wine, breathtaking views and just the right balance of walking and relaxing. I really enjoyed meeting the others in our group and we bonded so well. Kudos to New Zealand Walking Tours!

Blown Away

Paul McDonald (Otago, New Zealand), Elegant South trip, November 2017

Oh, where does one begin to start describing the amazing trip I experienced? Do I start with the knowledgeable, lovely tour guides or the awesome landscapes we traveled together or the delicious New Zealand foods and wines we tasted? Absolutely everything about this tour from the informative website that prepared us for the tour till we hugged our tour guides goodbye was perfect!!

Put this tour on your bucket list!

Nancy Crawford (California, United States) - Elegant South trip, November 2017

Amazing views, extraordinary wildlife (birds!), lovely guides (Tory and Nick), and memorable Active Adventures (no rest for the wicked with a hike or two scheduled every day) - an unforgettable trip all in all.

An unforgettable adventure in the South Island!

Katherine Gadaingan (Philippines) May 2017

Our Active Adventures trip was outstanding! The entire process was a tremendous experience. Staff were responsive and friendly during the "sign up" phase. Our guides Jordie and Holly are two of the finest professional, friendly and knowledgeable guides we've had the pleasure to work with. Shout out for both of these wonderful people! They did a marvelous job managing group dynamics to ensure everyone was motivated and individual needs were met. Well trained and both have mastered the skillful art of quality customer service. Keep up the good work!

Outstanding adventure vacation

Lilly Golden & Brian Rhodes (Texas, USA) March 2017

I can't begin to describe my experience, from the amazing guides, to my fellow travelers and the detail that you put into everything we did. I was able to see the most amazing untouched scenery, completely decompress and completely check out from my daily life. If you want to see the South Island the way it was meant to be seen, take this trip!

Amazing guides, attention to detail, untouched scenery

Pam Lin (San Francisco, CA) December 2016

We can see why so many travellers fall in love with these breathtaking mountains, lakes and oceans when you are surrounded by a fun loving, polite and professional team of people.

Breathtaking and professional

Marilynn Glenn (Bellingham, WA) February 2016

Tales from our trips

Dig a little deeper into New Zealand, and what you could typically expect on our trips. Our travel blog features stories, photos and insights into the areas we travel through.

Chateau Tongariro Hotel

The history of the Chateau Tongariro, like New Zealand more broadly, is short but tumultuous. We all know that it's the story of a place that brings it to life, and that has never been more true than in the case of the Chateau.

read more

Hollyford Track Day Hikes

Our ‘Elegant South’ trip takes in a unique and exciting experience of the Hollyford Track in the world famous UNESCO World Heritage site of Fiordland National Park, including a helicopter flight and a jet boat ride. Ready for an adventure?

read more

Kepler Track Day Hikes

The Kepler Track is one of New Zealand’s Great Walks. Here we’re talking about the beautiful day walk sections we’ve chosen for our Pristine New Zealand trip.

read more

The Headwaters, Glenorchy

Camp Glenorchy is a brand new accommodation created by the team at The Headwaters in Glenorchy. It’s beautiful, and we’re delighted to be able to stay there on our trips.

read more

Outstanding local guides

Being a first class host requires experience, humility, and a broad set of skills. We carefully select and train our team to ensure your experience is unique, personalised and fulfilling in every way. Meet just a few of our guides...
Clara Gyllensten, Guide, New Zealand Walking Tours

Clara Gyllentsten

Clara was born and raised in the South West of Sweden, on a small island called Bohus-Björkö, and speaks fluent English and Swedish. New Zealand is her home now though, and she’s delighted to share its secrets and stories with our guests. Clara spends her free time hiking, camping, riding mountain bikes, sufing, and sailing.

“Clara did an awesome job as our guide. She kept us well supplied with healthy snacks on the bus, and meals were superb. I was the oldest, slowest member of the group but Clara never made me feel that way, she was so encouraging!”
Elaine Robak – California – November 2017

Claire Hesselin, Lead Guide, New Zealand Walking Tours

Claire Hesselin

Claire was born in Invercargill and grew up in nearby Gore. Adventure has always been closeby; Claire likes to spend her spare time in the Catlins exploring. When she’s not guiding Claire enjoys hiking, kayaking, and biking. She loves to cook, listen to music, and try to crack the formula for the world’s best veggie garden!

“Claire and Elder made two weeks into a lifetime of memories. The support, friendships, cultural knowledge, kindness, and those I shared it with made this trip for me. The guides went way beyond what they had to do to make sure I, along with everyone else, succeeded. Everyone left with an incredible sense of accomplishment which says tons about your staff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Anna Flynn – Kansas, USA – April 2017

Dan Keys, Lead Guide, New Zealand Walking Tours

Dan Keys

Dan or ‘DK’ is a Kiwi with a long standing love affair with the New Zealand mountains and oceans. He has more than ten seasons of guiding under his belt throughout New Zealand, Australia, and Nepal. He loves to travel the world – but he also loves to come home to New Zealand and help others enjoy this beautiful country.

“I was fortunate enough to have DK as one of my guides, and between him and Gokul and the others who helped out, they made it a trip I will look back on as one of the best I’ve ever done. I’ve travelled a great deal in my time; this comes straight from the heart, trust me.”
Paul Cassot – New York, USA – October 2017

Why travel with us?

We’re a modest lot us Kiwi’s, but we really are the only New Zealand-based company to offer this level of service and expertise. With over 21 years of experience running life changing trips – we’ve perfected the art of small group travel, and we’ve introduced a slice of world-class elegance that’ll surpass every one of your greatest expectations.

Unique experiences in stunning locations

It’s as much about the ‘where’ as it is the ‘what’ when it comes to a beautiful New Zealand experience. We not only walk through stunning landscapes to unforgettable places, but we make sure the journey is dotted with captivating stories, great food & wine and a few surprises that will have you brimming with stories of your own when you return back home.

Adventure at a leisurely pace

What’s the rush? We’ll slip on our best pair of walking shoes and journey into the most beautiful places in New Zealand. And to soak it all in properly, it makes sense to take our time and not necessarily set ourselves challenges that are a race against daylight hours. That means having the choice to walk, explore and escape at a pace that suits you. Slow down, soak it in, breath in the fresh air, properly feel the ground beneath your feet.

Over 20 years experience

Good things take time, including learning to run first class New Zealand journeys. Time to learn and understand how to be amazing hosts, seek out those hidden places that aren’t so easily seen on a map, and bring together every ingredient to create the perfect trip. It’s a journey we’ve taken for the last 20 years, and a path we’ll stay on in pursuit of providing immaculate trips that you’ll never forget.

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