Meet Our Guides

A good guide goes a long way to ensure your trip is great. But “great” isn’t enough in our view. It has to be exceptional, and leave a lasting imprint on you. That’s why we take great care when it comes to recruiting our guide team, and the best in the New Zealand travel industry are always keen to work for us. This means we hire the cream of the crop, and take your trip from “great” to “absolutely incredible”.

Andrew Prill

“The Jack of all Trades”

Andrew is a Kiwi lad from Howick. Like many Kiwi blokes he’s a keen surfer, snowboarder and swimmer and he’s travelled the world. Andrew has led trips in New Zealand and all over Europe for many years, and takes a keen interest in language and New Zealand’s native flora. He’s one those people who seem to be a jack of all trades – from speaking multiple languages to playing a variety of musical instruments and sports.

“Andy was absolutely amazing. I’m amazed with his knowledge and expertise. He was very good at setting the pace and taking the time to point things out that would have other wise been missed. Couldn’t have asked for a better guide!”
Cassidy Anderson – Vermont, USA – November 2016

“Andy is an incredible guide, and is a huge asset to New Zealand Walking Tours. His knowledge, love and understanding of New Zealand is so evident in the way he interacts with guests. Fantastic!”
Nick Ward, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – March 2016

Ken Dixon

“The Elder Statesman”

Ken is probably one of the most sought after guides in New Zealand, and has been for many years. His experience, knowledge of New Zealand and infectious enthusiasm have made him a guest favourite. When Ken isn’t guiding our trips in our summer, he spends his time in Boise, Idaho, hiking.

“I never saw Ken without a smile and a good word to everyone he encountered, me included. He was amazing and I feel lucky to have met him, much less to have had a chance to be guided by him through this experience. You are lucky to have him!”
Claire Forsyth – Virginia, USA, October 2016

“Ken is amazing. So accomplished and capable, and such a great guy. We had a wonderful time with him!”
Gina Wilson – Connecticut, USA – January 2016

Holly Adams

“Local Knowledge Personified”

Born and raised in the South Island, Holly is as local as you can get, and knows her backyard as well as anyone. Her experience growing up on the doorstep is enormously valuable when it comes to running our trips, but she’s also explored many remote corners of the globe. This worldly experience comes through in her calm demeanor and ability to relate to folks from anywhere in the world.

“Our guides, Holly and Claire, were fantastic – wonderful dispositions, knowledgeable, tireless and attentive – and made the trip special”
Chris Darcy – Ontario, Canada – September 2016

“Wonderful, energetic, so organized, can’t say enough her. A real professional.”
Win Quayle – Cambridge, Massachusetts – January 2017

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