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From the get go, we’ve been dedicated to delivering incredible, authentic experiences in New Zealand. That journey started over 20 years ago, with Active Adventures, and it’s still going. But you know what, our Active Adventures trips suit a lot of people, but they’re not for everyone. We’ve come to realize that sometimes it’s nice, and in fact necessary, to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life.

New Zealand Walking Tours fills that niche quite nicely, we think. On our new tours you can expect shorter, gentler trails, less bus time, and fine cuisine matched with local wine. You’ll stay in beautiful lodges and be led by first-class New Zealand guides every step of the way. As with Active Adventures, you can still expect the same level of award-winning, personalised service that we’ve always delivered, and you’ll still be taken to breath-taking locations that’ll leave you spell-bound.

The New Zealand Walking Tours journey began in the early years of our two founders Robin Wiseley and Phil Boorman.

Growing up in the central North Island of New Zealand, Rob discovered sailing, skiing and beautiful lakes and forests that help define the region. His appreciation of New Zealand wine and cuisine worked their way into the creation of New Zealand Walking Tours.

Phil discovered the joy of walking in the New Zealand wilderness as a young boy, accompanying his father on multi-day walks in the Tararua mountains ranges of the Wairarapa region. The idea of escape, recharging, soaking it all in and wanting to share this with people led him to team up with Rob to create the New Zealand Walking Tours experience.

Robin Wiseley

Phil Boorman

New Zealand Walking Tours is proudly presented by Active Adventures, global leaders in delivering adventure trips of a lifetime.

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